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Lake at Hakone
Kurokumo no Oji and the Earth Spider
Ryogoku Hanabi. Fireworks at Ryogoku bridge
Evening Shower at Ōhashi Bridge, Atake
A wife seeks justice or mercy
Maharao Ram Singh of Kota in durbar
Mihrdukht aims her arrow at the ring
Angada delivers Rama's message to Ravana
Wedding procession of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah
The blind Dhritarashtra attacks the statue of Bhima
Pavilion with Krishna paintings
Brahma, Creator of the Universe
The disrobing of Draupadi
Fly-infested feast
A supplicant at a Hindu temple
Sheet of sketches and figure studies
Vibhishana in the camp of Rama
Rathor noblemen in durbar
Attendants at an imperial durbar
A Krishna shrine
Maharana Jagat Singh and his queens at Jagniwas
Maharana Amar Singh with his ladies,
Bakhat Singh
Maharana Jagat Singh in a lake palace garden
Head of the courtier Iltifat Khan
East India Company
The gopis dance in the forest, or Sarat Purnima
Maharao Ram Singh II's marriage celebrations at Udaipur, probably 1851
Maharaja Dhiraj Singh riding, c. 1700
Maharaja Vijai Singh bathes with his ladies, c. 1760
Maharaja Kirpal Pal of Basohli smoking a hookah, 1685 - 1693
A prince riding an elephant in procession, c. 1570
Music party on a riverside terrace, c. 1670
A court beauty
Maharaja Raj Singh of Sawar receives a yogi in a garden
Prince Azam Shah enters Ahmedabad, 1701
Maharaja Raj Singh of Junia, c. 1698
Marriage procession in a bazaar
Maharaja Raj Singh of Sawar in a garden arcade
The elephant Ganesh Gaj and rider
Maharaja Pratap Singh
Marbled elephant at a trot, c. 1640
Elephant at a gallop
Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar  III
Royal elephant with mahout
Enraged elephant
Sultan Ali Adil Shah II in camp
Sultan Muhammad Adil Shah and Ikhlas Khan riding an Elephant, c. 1645
Young elephant eating
Head of an elephant
Maharaja Bhupat Pal smoking a hookah,
Elephant with howdah
Muslim nobleman
Fallen elephant
Maharaja Dhiraj Singh watches a nautch
Elephant and keeper
Three bamboo shoots
Elephants pushing cannons drawn by bullocks
Sangram Singh Ranawat hawking
Book cover with tree, birds, and insects
Illumination in the form of a vase
Pink composite flower with leaves
Maharao Bhao Singh riding an  elephant
Two myna birds