Lady on terrace seeking shelter from the rains
Botanical study of a geranium
A goshawk drinking
First avenue, Nihon Bashi
Maharaja Dhiraj Singh riding, c. 1700
Woman in a night landscape
Woodblock print - Izumi Province, Takashi Coast
Landscape with a river and buildings
The disrobing of Draupadi
Girl jumping off snowy bank into water.
Kambara (Yoru no yuki)
View of Konodai and the Tone River
Gentoku visiting Komei in his retreat, in a snowstorm
Chusenko Teitokuson killing giant snake
Seascape from rising ground above tents with setting sun
The gopis dance in the forest, or Sarat Purnima
Cross-eyed villian
Chintz wall hanging with a Tree of Life design
Woodblock print - Two fish & prawns & weeds
Drum Bridge at Kameidō Tenjin Shrine
The Sea at Satta in Suruga Province
Kurokumo no Oji and the Earth Spider
Yūhi Hill at Meguro in the Eastern Capital
A hero wrestles a div, or demon
A prince riding an elephant in procession, c. 1570
Durbar of Emperor Akbar Shah II
Paulownia Plantation, Akasaka
Wedding procession of Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah
Fly-infested feast
The blind Dhritarashtra attacks the statue of Bhima
Head of the courtier Iltifat Khan
Morning Mist at Mishima
Maharaja Vijai Singh bathes with his ladies, c. 1760
Hara, Fuji in the Morning
Woodblock print - Edo Meisho, Nenju Gyoji, Ryogoku Kawa-biraki
Bakhat Singh
Woodblock print - Shono (Hakuu)
Clearing After Snow at Nihonbashi Bridge
‘Ali, Copied by ‘Ali. Muhammad Hasan
Sheet of sketches and figure studies
A lady and a bull
Sagami River
Page of calligraphy in nasta‘liq script, with illuminated margins
Travellers making music by the wayside
Sidi Masud Khan
height x width x depth: frame 31.5 x 39.8 x 2.5 cm height x width: painting 17 x 25.5 cm
In the Mountains of Izu Province
Gama Sennin surrounded by battling toads
Stream and Willows in Mist and Rain
Minamoto Yoshitsune fights Benkei on Gojō Bridge, with the help of tengu demons
Nichiren's prayer for rain answered T Ryozen-ga-saki, Kamakura, in 1271.
The elephant Ganesh Gaj and rider
Book cover with tree, birds, and insects
Rain in the Cloudy Mountains
Yamamoto kamsuke the one-eyed general holding victim's severed head.
The Suijin Woods and Massaki on the Sumida River
Mandala of Guhyasamaja-Manjuvajra
Kai Inume touge
Tora's Rain at Ōiso
Maharana Amar Singh hunting sarus crane, c. 1700
Drawing of a boar