Dawn Inside the Yoshiwara
Hamamatsu. A nobleman & attendants viewing old pines on the sea-shore
Maharana Jagat Singh in a lake palace garden
Elephant and keeper
View of Konodai and the Tone River
Aoi slope outside Toranomon Gate
Two Merchants Compete for the Love of the Geisha Kasaya Sankatsu
Bakuro-cho hatsune no baba
Maharaja Pratap Singh of Sawar riding, with two attendants on foot
Moon of Enlightenment (Godo no tsuki) from the album 'The Hundred Moons'
In the Mountains of Izu Province
Gama Sennin surrounded by battling toads
Stream and Willows in Mist and Rain
Minamoto Yoshitsune fights Benkei on Gojō Bridge, with the help of tengu demons
Visnu with consort on Garuda
Rajput noblemen and attendants in an ornate interior
Birds and flowers
Young elephant eating
Tsushiwa Province. Rainbow scene. No.69
Wren on corn stook
Maharaja Medini Pal smoking a hookah
Bad news arrives at court, 1592 - 1594
Evening Shower at Ōhashi Bridge, Atake
Woodblock print - Crane, gauffrage on body & feathers in flight over a breaking wave
Dutch sailing boat, with flag of VOC
Takarabune poled by rat
Girl jumping off snowy bank into water.
Kambara (Yoru no yuki)
Chusenko Teitokuson killing giant snake
Seascape from rising ground above tents with setting sun
The gopis dance in the forest, or Sarat Purnima
Cross-eyed villian
Chintz wall hanging with a Tree of Life design
Drum Bridge at Kameidō Tenjin Shrine
Kurokumo no Oji and the Earth Spider
Ebisu & Daikoku hauling Takarabune into Osaka
Mama no moniji tekona no yashiro tsugihashi. Maple Trees at Mama, Tetona shrine and Linked bridge
Seated Figure of the Buddha
The moon god
Landscape with waterfalls and trees
Taira no Kiyomori haunted by spectres (Taira no Kiyomori kaii o miru zu)
Dog beneath bamboo
A standing lady holding a rose
Woodblock print - The Pine Grove at Miho in Suruga Province (Suruga, Miho no matsubara) - No. 12
Maharaja Raj Singh of Sawar  and his elephants
Busho slaying the tiger with his fist.
The god of longevity with attendant
Large ship & rowing boat.
Night Parade of One Hundred Demons at the Soma Palace
View from Satta Sea in Suruga Province
Royal elephant with mahout
Two orioles
Fallen elephant
A lady offers milk to a snake
Woodblock print - Otsu. Street scene with sellers of Otsu-e, & importunate inn-keepers.
Woodblock print - A fine evening on the coast in Tsushima Province (Tsushima, kaigan yūbare) - No.69
Three bamboo shoots
Two mandarin ducks and flowering water plants by a pond
Two pigeons
Tora's Rain at Ōiso
Maharana Amar Singh hunting sarus crane, c. 1700
Lady on terrace seeking shelter from the rains